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Navrathna Kurma (Vegetable Curry)
Ave. Rating is
This vegetable curry dish is often garnished with silver foil and served with bread such as naan or paratha. Times listed do not include time to prep/cook mixed vegetables. ... more
Mattar Paneer (Peas with Cheese)
Ave. Rating is
Spicy dish of peas with cheese (paneer) is garnished with coriander leaves and typically served with naan. Some variations omit the onions and include a teaspoon of sugar to to make it a sweet and spi ... more
Lamb Vindaloo
Ave. Rating is
This is a wonderfully spiced lamb dish that takes a little preparation but is well worth it. The prep time listed does not include time for marinating lamb. ... more
Sambar Powder
Ave. Rating is
Spice mixture used in ingredients with other recipes. Can be made in smaller batches, or stored in airtight container. ... more
Potato Bonda
Ave. Rating is
These batter-dipped and fried potato balls make great snacks or appetizers. They take a little time to prepare but you make them in good-sized batches. Serve them warm with green chutney (or your pref ... more
Rasam Powder
Ave. Rating is
Spice mixture is used as an ingredient in other recipes, or can be served mixed with rice. There are many varieties, includes some made with chilies, fenugreek, etc. ... more
Vella Appam (Sweet Rice Cake)
Ave. Rating is 0
This recipe for mildly sweet rice pancake is easy to make, can be served with your favorite chutney, and makes a good breakfast or main dish. The prep time does not include time to soak the rice or to ... more
Plantain Curry
Ave. Rating is 0
This flavorful plantain curry goes well with rice. ... more
Paruppu Thogaiyal (Lentil Paste)
Ave. Rating is 4
This lentil chutney can be served mixed with rice and 1 tsp. of sesame oil. ... more
Milagu Kuzhambu (Black Pepper Sauce with Tamarind)
Ave. Rating is
This dish is often mixed with rice to make a side dish, or served alone as a sauce or side. ... more


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